Saturday, May 15, 2010

Better Late Than Never? You Tell Me...

Howdy Folks!

Wayyy back in February, my good pal, @CokieTheCat, presented me with the Honest Scrap Award. Being the lazy, Groom/Nap Obsessed kitty that I am, I STILL have not done my Honest Scrap Award list of personal factoids to share with you all.

So I ask you, dear, patient readers, are any of you interested in hearing me list 10 things about my big, bad, beautiful self? Or would that just bore you to tears?

I'll leave it up to you. I'll give the tweeple what they want (or don't want, as the case may be).

Please, comment your wishes and I shall comply in a timely manner *paw over heart, swear on my favorite bag of treats*

Much love,
Bizbee =^..^=

Happy Caturday!

Hey there hot schtuffs!  It's time for a fresh edition of The Anipal Times!  Iffen ya haven't checked it out already, then head on over & see the latest and greatest!

Don't furget to check the "Games" section fur some rockin, booty shakin' songs by myself *kitty bows* and the oh so loverly @MaggieTKat - good times!

Hugs, Love & Rockin' Fun to All!