Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Better Place

It's been nearly a week now since Maw got the news that her Grandma passed. Even now it's hard to believe she's really gone. The Alzheimer's had stolen the "real Grandma" from us, but every now & then, she would sneak away from its grasp & be herself, if only for a moment.
Maw's last visit with her was a good one. Her "I love you, Grandma" was answered in kind, and da Grandma even used Maw's name. That was a treat, at the time, and a comforting, treasured memory now.
I made a card fur Maw to let her know that I was sorry fur her loss & I told her da Grandma was in a better place. Maw was very touched by the card, since I had drawn sweet things on it, including a bridge leading up to a rainbow. The card took a while to make, especially since I was getting leaky eyes & didn't want to smudge the ink. It was all worth it, though, to see her smile again - like a lil beam of sunshine peeking through the clouds. I was quite proud of my artistry but must admit I didn't do it ALL by myself, I had a lot of help from Paw - he's got those handy thumbs! (We told you before that Paw was a keeper and this is just another example)
I haven't been on Twitter much at all this past week, as I was full-time comfort kitty. However, it's the caring, loving, endearing effect of the Anipal Community that is probably just what the doctor ordered, right about now.

Please, everyone, if there is someone in your life that you really love, never miss an opportunity to express it to them. You never know if you'll have another chance.

With love & gratitude,
Bizbee (& leaky-eyed Mawmy)

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Friday, September 3, 2010

If You're Thankful And Ya Know It...

...Clap Your Paws!!!

*claps paws in a furry flurry, over and over again*

A big shout out to all da loving, kind & fantastical anipals on Twitter. I'm so very thankful fur you all!

I'm also mega thankful fur my family and our (blessedly climate-controlled) home. Maw & Paw put up with a LOT when it comes to me & my cattitude. Rumor has it that I'm a bit of a diva-boy (shocking, I know!). BTW, woe be unto the butt of whoever started that rumor, once I find you...Fair Warning.

Also, I'm ever so thankful fur my good health. I hope (knock on wood) that this continues as I age. I know some pals aren't so lucky & my heart goes out to them.

Speaking of aging, I'm thankful to look so young. Check me out, no wrinkles! And I don't even moisturize - go figure! ;0)

What are some of the things you all are thankful for? Say it LOUD, say it proud! I wanna hear it, right now, Now, NOW!!! (OK, I'm turning down the Diva Dial, sorry peeps).

Toodles fur now,

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt #2: PAWTRAITS

It's that time of the month again! Ok, ok, get your minds outta the gutter - I'm talking about my monthly blog entry! Sillies!

I'm going to attempt to participate in the Anipal Photo Hunt, sponsored by my pal, Cokie the Cat.

This week's theme is PAWTRAITS.  I've dug up a piccie of myself from several years ago, when I had suffered from a broken leg due to a drama-infused mishap with my Paw (I admit, I initiated said drama because I'm a cat and drama is an obsession of mine).  Paw felt so very, very badly about accidentally hurting me and I do NOT hold it against him at all.  Accidents happen (it just sucks when ya get your leg broken, when they do).  In fact, I adore him so much, it often makes Maw wonder if she needs to pluck out one of my whiskers, or somethin', to get herself some lovin' from da Bizmeister. (Dear Maw - touch my whiskers and I shall eat copious amounts of bean dip and then toot in your nose while you sleep.  Fair Warning.)

Ok, so here I am, in all my coney, bandaged glory:

By the way, those who know me will appreciate the fact that my cone is pink - my fave color.  I'm secure in my girliemanhood!

So there you have it, a pic of my paws - one bum, one beauteous.

Toodles fur now,

p.s. just to let you know that after lots of VET visits, my leg healed so well that Maw keeps furgetting which one it was that got hurt.  Paw always remembers, since he paid all my vet bills - and it wasn't cheap! (THAT is why I adore him so, because he cared enough to ensure I was healed, even though he and Maw had just started dating at that time and he barely knew me.  Maw knew he was a keeper even before that, but that was one of many signs that he was The One for her - and ME!)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lazy Bones Biz or Super BizzyBee?

Sheesh, a month since my last blog entry.  I'm blaming it on my humans being so very busy and our home computer breaking!  Although, I suppose some could say that perhaps I've just been a bit lazy.  True, I do enjoy a good, long nap, multiple times during the day.  And yes, Power Grooming and Feasting are top on my list of priorities.

Wow, when you think of all those activities, I'm shocked that I even have time for a monthly blog entry, MOL!

Ok, so I've torn myself away from a very intense napping session on the couch to bring you this latest blog entry on why I haven't been doing any blog entries. Pardon me now, please, I must get back to the couch while the fabric is still warm and molded to fit my hot body, perfectly.

Happy Napping to all of you who are enthusiasts, as myself!  It's quite an elite hobby, I know, but I'm committed to the cause!

Toodles fur now,

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pet Resort or Pet Prison?

Free at last, free at last! I'm back home, in my wonderful family abode, after spending a week at the local pet resort. Personally, I thought it was going to be more like "pet prison", but much to my surprise, I survived & lived to tell the tale!
Actually, I think the idea of it was scarier than the resort itself. They took very good care of me, made sure I was fed & watered regularly, heck, they even kept a log of how many times I peed/poo'd every day! (that's a first fur me! I had no idea my potty habits were so intriguing!)

However, nothing feels as good as Home Sweet Home! When Maw & Paw returned from their trip, I thought I would break my voicebox mewing my delight at seeing them! I missed them almost as much as they must've missed me (which was oodles & caboodles, according to Maw).
Oh and to top it off, I got my first shave of the season. I'll have to get Maw to post some pics of my sleek & smashing new 'do. I look like a supermodel, I'm so slender under all da fluff, MOL!

Everyone, please take a moment to reflect & give thanks fur your loving homes and families. We are so very fortunate to have them. I, fur one, wouldn't trade mine fur all da tuna in da world!

Toodles fur now,
Mr. Bizbee =^..^=

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Better Late Than Never? You Tell Me...

Howdy Folks!

Wayyy back in February, my good pal, @CokieTheCat, presented me with the Honest Scrap Award. Being the lazy, Groom/Nap Obsessed kitty that I am, I STILL have not done my Honest Scrap Award list of personal factoids to share with you all.

So I ask you, dear, patient readers, are any of you interested in hearing me list 10 things about my big, bad, beautiful self? Or would that just bore you to tears?

I'll leave it up to you. I'll give the tweeple what they want (or don't want, as the case may be).

Please, comment your wishes and I shall comply in a timely manner *paw over heart, swear on my favorite bag of treats*

Much love,
Bizbee =^..^=

Happy Caturday!

Hey there hot schtuffs!  It's time for a fresh edition of The Anipal Times!  Iffen ya haven't checked it out already, then head on over & see the latest and greatest!

Don't furget to check the "Games" section fur some rockin, booty shakin' songs by myself *kitty bows* and the oh so loverly @MaggieTKat - good times!

Hugs, Love & Rockin' Fun to All!


Monday, April 19, 2010

The best part about Mondays?

The end part - adios, Monday!

Hey Friday, hurry up, get over here & bring that weekend with ya!

SeƱor Bizbee, El Gato Magnifico >^..^<

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Thank God I'm Feline - TGIF!

Oh beloved Weekend, how I have yearned fur you to come to me & now you're finally here!

Someone pinch me so I know I'm not just dreaming!



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Monday, April 5, 2010

The Anipal Times!!!

Hello, Dear Readers!

There's a new and exciting online newspaper that has just launched, on April 3rd, and it's called The Anipal Times! It's dedicated to the latest happenings in the anipal/animal world, pawesome literary & artistic contributions from some of Twitter's finest anipals, plus links to terrific animal resources and charities - all in one site! There's such a variety of content, it's like a megamart of animal-related funtasticness! Seriously though, there's an incredible amount of groovy schtuff going on there, so check it out http://www.anipaltimes.com/ Keep coming back to the site often as it will be updated on a regular basis...it's like the gift that keeps on giving!

I'm quite proud to be a part of this fantabulous collaboration! Not only am I honored to have been asked to help edit certain pieces, but I'm tickled to announce that I've also been given the opportunity to contribute in the Games section of the premiere issue!

Mega-Kudos go out to @Snick_the_Dog and @cokiethecat for all of their hard, amazing work putting this all together. Also, a ginormous round of applause *smacks paws together, over and over*, to the many anipals involved with creating The AT. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity, time and charming personalities.

*raises water bowl for a toast* Here's to the success of The Anipal Times! May it be a source of news, happiness and joy for all animal enthusiasts around the world!

Toodles fur now,


Friday, March 19, 2010

Ya know what?

I'm a super sexy beast!!!


TGIF, Bitchez!

much love, hugs & super beastly sexiness,
Bizbee =^..^=

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Testing iPhone blogging app

Hey Mai Pals! This is a test. Please let me know if this iPhone blog entry is successful. Thankies! xo

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bittersweet Sunday

Hello Precious Peeps & Pals,

Today, for me, was a rather good day, for the most part. While it was grey and rainy outside, there was a fire roaring, movies playing and double Noms, on the inside. Days like these make me appreciate how very sweet Life is. Granted, Life is quite sweet for me every day but when I get to share it with my Maw & Paw (and double Fancy Feast!) it's a delectable delight of a day!

There is one thing, that we must mention, that keeps this from being one of the sweetest Sundays on record. That is the learning of @FrugalDougal 's state of health. It breaks our heart to hear that this most darling of dogs has been dealt this most unfortunate hand. You can read more of his current condition here.
WARNING: if you have a heart, you will also need to have tissues handy after reading that entry. Although we don't want to be sad, it still weighs heavy upon one's spirit. What a very special doggie he is, and his staff, as well. Our love and prayers go out to all of them.

Not only is this a Dog amongst dogs but a true Do-Gooder, in the very best sense of the word. On top of that, he is one of the most adorable pups we've seen. My Maw has always been partial to scruffy-haired terriers and he looks exactly like the kind of pooch she would love to bring home. Oh how we sincerely hope his quality of Life lasts for as long as caninely possible.

But as Dougal himself says, there is still "life left in the old dog yet". So let us celebrate both his Life and our own.

We Love You, Dougal, and all that you stand for (and your irresistible, perfect face!).

Keep fighting the good fight!

Love & fuzzy hugz,

Bizbee =^..^=

Friday, February 12, 2010

It's Friday and Life is Good

Things around the house are different today. Maw is home from work (so umm, where are my NumNums??? Helloooooooooo??? Fancy Feast Me!!!!) even though today is one of her typical "work days" (work, whatever that is!) she's here at home.

Paw is home early, too. As per usual, he's in the garage doing Dude Stuff. (He's so manly, that's why I chose him to be My Paw. Maw thinks SHE chose him, but come on, let's be real - I run things around here. That's that, my final answer.)

From what I heard them saying (Yes, I understand what they are saying, I just don't always DO what they say. Let's remember what I said earlier, I run things around here), they were planning a trip out of town to visit Maw's Grandma. Her Grandma is in a very bad way. Not only does she have latter-stage Alzheimer's, but she fell and broke her hip a couple of weeks ago. It's was too damaged to just pin it so they had to do a full hip replacement.

Last night, after Maw came home from work (another 10+ hour day at the office - she can be a bit of a workaholic sometimes, especially when she's planning time out of the office), Paw told her she had to call her Mom, it was about da Grandma.

Maw, being prone to worry to begin with, was very concerned this would be the news they've been dreading the most. Turns out that da Grandma's wound from the hip replacement had become infected and another surgery took place late last night. My Maw was trying to stay pawsitive about the outcome, but it's hard for her to push away the dark thoughts (she's a bit of a worrybird, always has been from what I've heard. Can you say OCD?).

We just got the call this morning that da Grandma made it through last night's surgery and is in recovery at da hospital. My Maw's Mom, StepDad & Grandpa are all very weary from a long night of their own worry.

Since da Grandma is already mostly "out of her mind" due to the Alzheimer's, the added post-surgery stress & meds means that this weekend is not going to be a good time for a visit, so Maw & Paw are staying home - with ME!

Now, that I got that off my furry chest, it's time for some cheerier schtuff!

It's great to be alive! We give thanks for all of our loved ones who are still here with us and we cherish the memories and love we shared with the ones that are gone but still in our hearts. Life is Good, even on the days when it seems to be the darkest, Life is still something we are grateful for, for ourselves and our family & friends.

So thank you, dear readers, for letting me share a little bit of what has been weighing heavily upon us lately. I feel lighter in spirit already. I think I'll visit my box so I can feel lighter in body, as well ;-) Yeah, humor (even inappropriate humor) is our most bestest medicine. We prescribe ourselves copious amounts of humor, especially during times likes these. (Xanax helps too, thank goodness for modern medicine!)

Not only is Sunday Valentine's Day (Love is in the Air!!! Yesh, that's Love you smell, I haven't made it to my box yet!) but Monday is my Maw's birthday. I'm glad she'll be here to be my Valentine (Paw too, One can never have too many Valentines!). I'm going to be extra kind to her this weekend cuz I know her heart is tender right now. Her boobies are tender too cuz she still has some PMS. Hey, I warned you about the inappropriate humor! Seriously, I did a whole post about Tampon Thievery the other day - what do you expect?!

Bottom line is this: Cherish the Love, no matter where it comes from - whether it's from family, friends, a significant other or (very important here) Twitter Anipals.

Don't be afraid to tell someone that you love them, right now. You may not get another chance.

Lastly, but certainly not leastly - Love Yourself. (I'll admit, that last bit could very well be a double entendre but we're neither going to confirm nor deny that one)

Much Love to You All,
Mr. Bizbee Kitty =^..^=

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Egads, I'm Stalking Myself!

Ok, I'm not quite sure how it happened, but it would appear that I am now one of my own blog followers. That's what happens when you let a not-so-cyber-savvy cat play on the internet.

Before you know it, I'll be spamming and blocking myself...

Mr. B =^..^=

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

For the Love of PMS

PMS - for me (well, for today, anyway) PMS stands for "Pranking MauMau Style".

I must warn you, dear reader, this little useless tidbit of trivia may be groty gross gross for some tweeps. I think it's funny though, that's why I'm posting it. It's my blog, so that's that.

This morning, as my Maw was sitting on her "throne" in the bathroom, she placed what can only be described as an intriguing, shiny, crinkly, plastic covered stick toy on a shelf next to her throne. One may call this a "fem plug". You get the picture. If not, then don't bother reading on as I'm not going to attempt to describe it any further.

Seeing as how I have an insane obsession for any/all things plastic, I knew that I absolutely have that delightful stick toy. So, as she was "doing her thang", I did my thang and snatched (no pun intended) said stick toy and attempted to flee with it in my possession. Unfortunately for me, she heard the divine crinkling of the blessed plastic and caught me, red-pawed. I almost got away with it as she was seemingly stuck to the throne and I was ready to bolt, plasticky goodness firmly planted within my choppers. But alas, her reaction was too quick and my evil plan was foiled.

Somehow, Life went on for the both of us, even though this kitty was in the doghouse for quite some time.

Bottom line (still no pun intended): One person's tampon is another person's treasure. She hasn't won this battle yet, though, there is still time for me to make another dastardly attempt (or four). I love this game. I'm dubbing it "My Bloody Valentine".

Yes, I am a sick li'l bastard and quite proud of it. Thank you and Good Night.

Disgustingly Yours,
Mr. Bizbee =^..^=

Friday, January 29, 2010


TGIF, Bitches! After I'm done with my full day of power-napping, extreme grooming, overindulging in the nomnom's, then I shall return to post something longer (but don't expect a lot of "substance").

I love Fridays because they lead to Saturdays. Saturdays are the best - the peeps are home to feed me in grand style, brush me, open the curtains for my sunbathing, ohhh I'm getting all tingly just thinking about Saturday!

Hasta la vista, meowchachos!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Grooming Tip O'The Day

The Licking Of The Butt (Much like The Running Of The Bulls) takes skill and finesse & can be very dangerous if not executed properly. With a cat tongue like sandpaper and a sphincter like a delicate flower, there is potential for massive disaster if the licker is not adequately trained. Lucky fur me, I was born with pure talent, a a blessed gift, if you will.

Of course, this is only good for my own bum - I don't do random lickings!

So today's grooming tip is simply this: Lick with Caution, Lick with Care, Lick like your Life depends on it. Put your money where you mouth is!

...and we've hit TMI Max Capacity - Mission Accomplished!


p.s. Yes, I am Whacky & Weird - it's all part of my charm =D

Whooooshhhhhhhhhhh Kersplashhhhhhhhhhhh

It's raining, It's pouring,
Pretty soon my old man will be snoring!
I'm gonna hog up the bed & beg to be fed (Stinky Fancy Feast, puhleez!)
Then snicker at Maw when she has to get up fur work in da morning!

That's right, folks, it be raining like a mofo here right now! I LOVE the rain, but I do not like getting wet. Go figure! Go on, go figure...I'll wait. Please move a bit to the side whilst you figure so you don't block the road for the others that already have it all figured out.

Anywho, I'm listening to the wind blustering outside & the rain pelting the ground, water gushing down the rain gutter (watch out fur my mind, rain, it was there in the gutter first!) and I'm thinking how totally pawesome it is to have this li'l ole stormy storm. We don't get hardly any rain in these here parts and so it's a fantasmagorical eventitude when it does happen. Ahhh, dribbly bliss!

*sniff sniff* What is that I smell? Could it be? PIZZA?!?!?!? Pardon me while I go overpower the possessor of said pizza with my Furry Fists of Fury! Haiiiiiiiiiiii Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Victory (and that pizza) shall be MINEZ!!!

Take it eazy, take it breezy, just don't take it in the butt! (at least not without proper lubrification!),

Bizbee =^..^=

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Oh my word, I am SOOOO very tired! Power-napping all day really takes it out of me! Plus, my Obsessive Compulsive grooming habits are exhausting! Whewww, I barely have enough energy left right now to scarf down a treat (or four), lick my heiney and call it a night.

*lick* *lick* NIGHT!!!


Sunday, January 3, 2010

I wanna eat the living room wall!

My Mawmy & my Paw (mostly my Paw) painted our living room this weekend. Maw said the color looks like candied yams. mmmm, I wanna put some toasted marshymallows on da walls and nomnomnom it up!!! *droooooooool**slurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp*