Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lazy Bones Biz or Super BizzyBee?

Sheesh, a month since my last blog entry.  I'm blaming it on my humans being so very busy and our home computer breaking!  Although, I suppose some could say that perhaps I've just been a bit lazy.  True, I do enjoy a good, long nap, multiple times during the day.  And yes, Power Grooming and Feasting are top on my list of priorities.

Wow, when you think of all those activities, I'm shocked that I even have time for a monthly blog entry, MOL!

Ok, so I've torn myself away from a very intense napping session on the couch to bring you this latest blog entry on why I haven't been doing any blog entries. Pardon me now, please, I must get back to the couch while the fabric is still warm and molded to fit my hot body, perfectly.

Happy Napping to all of you who are enthusiasts, as myself!  It's quite an elite hobby, I know, but I'm committed to the cause!

Toodles fur now,

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