Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bittersweet Sunday

Hello Precious Peeps & Pals,

Today, for me, was a rather good day, for the most part. While it was grey and rainy outside, there was a fire roaring, movies playing and double Noms, on the inside. Days like these make me appreciate how very sweet Life is. Granted, Life is quite sweet for me every day but when I get to share it with my Maw & Paw (and double Fancy Feast!) it's a delectable delight of a day!

There is one thing, that we must mention, that keeps this from being one of the sweetest Sundays on record. That is the learning of @FrugalDougal 's state of health. It breaks our heart to hear that this most darling of dogs has been dealt this most unfortunate hand. You can read more of his current condition here.
WARNING: if you have a heart, you will also need to have tissues handy after reading that entry. Although we don't want to be sad, it still weighs heavy upon one's spirit. What a very special doggie he is, and his staff, as well. Our love and prayers go out to all of them.

Not only is this a Dog amongst dogs but a true Do-Gooder, in the very best sense of the word. On top of that, he is one of the most adorable pups we've seen. My Maw has always been partial to scruffy-haired terriers and he looks exactly like the kind of pooch she would love to bring home. Oh how we sincerely hope his quality of Life lasts for as long as caninely possible.

But as Dougal himself says, there is still "life left in the old dog yet". So let us celebrate both his Life and our own.

We Love You, Dougal, and all that you stand for (and your irresistible, perfect face!).

Keep fighting the good fight!

Love & fuzzy hugz,

Bizbee =^..^=


  1. Very well said Bizbee !! We all love @frugaldougal & want him to stay with his Family as long as possible !! Besides, OTRB gate is LOCKED !
    Thank U Bizzbee & @frugaldougal. XXXX

  2. Bizbee, you are a special ray of SUNSHINE for so many. Bless you and Dougal...

    Please come get your SUNSHINE:

    Christopher (ChrisGroove1 on Twitter)

  3. Aww Bizbee - dat was a beautiful tribute to Dougal. Yes, he is greatly loved and appreciated by all of us. I just noticed today that you had a blog - where have I been dat I didn't know before today - obviously sleeping. he he - love the "let your imagination run wild."