Wednesday, February 10, 2010

For the Love of PMS

PMS - for me (well, for today, anyway) PMS stands for "Pranking MauMau Style".

I must warn you, dear reader, this little useless tidbit of trivia may be groty gross gross for some tweeps. I think it's funny though, that's why I'm posting it. It's my blog, so that's that.

This morning, as my Maw was sitting on her "throne" in the bathroom, she placed what can only be described as an intriguing, shiny, crinkly, plastic covered stick toy on a shelf next to her throne. One may call this a "fem plug". You get the picture. If not, then don't bother reading on as I'm not going to attempt to describe it any further.

Seeing as how I have an insane obsession for any/all things plastic, I knew that I absolutely have that delightful stick toy. So, as she was "doing her thang", I did my thang and snatched (no pun intended) said stick toy and attempted to flee with it in my possession. Unfortunately for me, she heard the divine crinkling of the blessed plastic and caught me, red-pawed. I almost got away with it as she was seemingly stuck to the throne and I was ready to bolt, plasticky goodness firmly planted within my choppers. But alas, her reaction was too quick and my evil plan was foiled.

Somehow, Life went on for the both of us, even though this kitty was in the doghouse for quite some time.

Bottom line (still no pun intended): One person's tampon is another person's treasure. She hasn't won this battle yet, though, there is still time for me to make another dastardly attempt (or four). I love this game. I'm dubbing it "My Bloody Valentine".

Yes, I am a sick li'l bastard and quite proud of it. Thank you and Good Night.

Disgustingly Yours,
Mr. Bizbee =^..^=

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