Friday, February 12, 2010

It's Friday and Life is Good

Things around the house are different today. Maw is home from work (so umm, where are my NumNums??? Helloooooooooo??? Fancy Feast Me!!!!) even though today is one of her typical "work days" (work, whatever that is!) she's here at home.

Paw is home early, too. As per usual, he's in the garage doing Dude Stuff. (He's so manly, that's why I chose him to be My Paw. Maw thinks SHE chose him, but come on, let's be real - I run things around here. That's that, my final answer.)

From what I heard them saying (Yes, I understand what they are saying, I just don't always DO what they say. Let's remember what I said earlier, I run things around here), they were planning a trip out of town to visit Maw's Grandma. Her Grandma is in a very bad way. Not only does she have latter-stage Alzheimer's, but she fell and broke her hip a couple of weeks ago. It's was too damaged to just pin it so they had to do a full hip replacement.

Last night, after Maw came home from work (another 10+ hour day at the office - she can be a bit of a workaholic sometimes, especially when she's planning time out of the office), Paw told her she had to call her Mom, it was about da Grandma.

Maw, being prone to worry to begin with, was very concerned this would be the news they've been dreading the most. Turns out that da Grandma's wound from the hip replacement had become infected and another surgery took place late last night. My Maw was trying to stay pawsitive about the outcome, but it's hard for her to push away the dark thoughts (she's a bit of a worrybird, always has been from what I've heard. Can you say OCD?).

We just got the call this morning that da Grandma made it through last night's surgery and is in recovery at da hospital. My Maw's Mom, StepDad & Grandpa are all very weary from a long night of their own worry.

Since da Grandma is already mostly "out of her mind" due to the Alzheimer's, the added post-surgery stress & meds means that this weekend is not going to be a good time for a visit, so Maw & Paw are staying home - with ME!

Now, that I got that off my furry chest, it's time for some cheerier schtuff!

It's great to be alive! We give thanks for all of our loved ones who are still here with us and we cherish the memories and love we shared with the ones that are gone but still in our hearts. Life is Good, even on the days when it seems to be the darkest, Life is still something we are grateful for, for ourselves and our family & friends.

So thank you, dear readers, for letting me share a little bit of what has been weighing heavily upon us lately. I feel lighter in spirit already. I think I'll visit my box so I can feel lighter in body, as well ;-) Yeah, humor (even inappropriate humor) is our most bestest medicine. We prescribe ourselves copious amounts of humor, especially during times likes these. (Xanax helps too, thank goodness for modern medicine!)

Not only is Sunday Valentine's Day (Love is in the Air!!! Yesh, that's Love you smell, I haven't made it to my box yet!) but Monday is my Maw's birthday. I'm glad she'll be here to be my Valentine (Paw too, One can never have too many Valentines!). I'm going to be extra kind to her this weekend cuz I know her heart is tender right now. Her boobies are tender too cuz she still has some PMS. Hey, I warned you about the inappropriate humor! Seriously, I did a whole post about Tampon Thievery the other day - what do you expect?!

Bottom line is this: Cherish the Love, no matter where it comes from - whether it's from family, friends, a significant other or (very important here) Twitter Anipals.

Don't be afraid to tell someone that you love them, right now. You may not get another chance.

Lastly, but certainly not leastly - Love Yourself. (I'll admit, that last bit could very well be a double entendre but we're neither going to confirm nor deny that one)

Much Love to You All,
Mr. Bizbee Kitty =^..^=


  1. Hahahaha! Oh u make me laugh and laugh. Boobies, PMS, Tampon Thievery, Love urself...I mean...does it get any better?

    As instructed by ur own words, I must say...I love ya Mr. Bizbee!


  2. I Love You, too, Herbs! And I'm not just saying that in hopes that you'll share your fondue leftovers with me later, either!

    However, if you find that you cannot possibly eat all the leftovers, being a good friend that I am, I would be willing to assist you in devouring them. ;-)

    Nom On, Dude!
    B. =^..^=