Friday, September 3, 2010

If You're Thankful And Ya Know It...

...Clap Your Paws!!!

*claps paws in a furry flurry, over and over again*

A big shout out to all da loving, kind & fantastical anipals on Twitter. I'm so very thankful fur you all!

I'm also mega thankful fur my family and our (blessedly climate-controlled) home. Maw & Paw put up with a LOT when it comes to me & my cattitude. Rumor has it that I'm a bit of a diva-boy (shocking, I know!). BTW, woe be unto the butt of whoever started that rumor, once I find you...Fair Warning.

Also, I'm ever so thankful fur my good health. I hope (knock on wood) that this continues as I age. I know some pals aren't so lucky & my heart goes out to them.

Speaking of aging, I'm thankful to look so young. Check me out, no wrinkles! And I don't even moisturize - go figure! ;0)

What are some of the things you all are thankful for? Say it LOUD, say it proud! I wanna hear it, right now, Now, NOW!!! (OK, I'm turning down the Diva Dial, sorry peeps).

Toodles fur now,

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  1. I'n very thankful for you as a dear friend and all my other friends on Twitter & blogs. I'm also thankful I has a good home and am not walking round the streets anymore. I could go on and on, but won't cuz dis is your blog, not mine! he he

  2. I am so glad to B yours pal an you looks very young HUGS xoxox