Sunday, February 6, 2011

What's a "Super Bowl"?

It's Super Bowl Sunday!  What's so super about it?  Well, lemme tell ya:

First, Maw filled up my Kibble Bowl to the brim (Super!).  

A little later on, she filled my NumNum Bowl with some Classic Beef Fancy Feast (SuperDuper!).

Now, I'm sprawled out on the couch, next to Paw, with a delightfully toasty heating pad underneath me and I can hear Maw filling up my Water Bowl with fresh, clean, cool H2O, should I care for a drinkypoo.

The TV in our bedroom is playing the Puppy Bowl (with puppies and hamsters and chickens, oh my!), which makes me chiggle and snortle - those fluffy, goofy li'l pups are so silly!

Oh yeah, there's also another Bowl playing on the TV in our living room.  It's got a bunch of big, sweaty, grunting dudes running around after what appears to be a "ball" (I'm not totally convinced it's a real ball as it has pointy ends on it.  I thought balls were supposed to be round.  But I'm no expert, as I was neutered many moons ago.).  I suspect this "ball" must be filled with Whisker Lickins cuz these guys are trying REALLY hard to get a hold of it!  

Anywho, those are just some of the things that helped make this a Super Bowl Sunday.  It beats Toilet Bowl Tuesday, any day ;0)

Toodles fur now,


  1. OH I thought it was milkbones filled thing! need to think on this...

  2. he he- we're laughing over this one pal. Come and visit my bloggy to see what all the fuss was about.

  3. Oh boy! ~ I LIKE your view of the SuperBowl! or er, the SupperBowl....hahaha